About Me

I started my career in aviation working at Cardiff Airport during the Summer 2006 and have continued to work there ever since. My passion for aviation however started a few years previous to my employment but with living in the Valleys I never had the opportunity to feed it.

It wasn't until 2009 I started taking images of aircraft borrowing my fathers Canon 450D while attending both the Swansea & RIAT airshows.

2016 was when I really started to take up aviation photography and I purchased my own Canon 1200D complete with Canon EF-S 18-55mm & Tamron AF 70-300mm lenses. It was then I went on my first 3 day trip to RIAT and also visited Heathrow on several occasions which some friends I made through the hobby.

Despite sharing my images with the South Wales Aviation Group I have decided that some of my better images should be stored in a seperate location and this why Touchdown Aviation Photography was created.

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